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2 answers

Should we allow cross-posting?

Whether we should allow cross-posting has already been discussed roughly 4 years ago here. And in that post, I myself advocated that we should allow cross-posting because different sites have ...
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Clarification for IBM Challenge and questions as such

This question here ansatz to VQE in Portfolio Optimization specifically asked for help to IBM Challenge clarification. One thing I would like to know/understand better is the following: I don't know ...
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Should we consider social impact questions?

I recently responded to a question, since closed, regarding the social impact of quantum computing. The reason for the closure was that any answers were expected to be primarily opinion based. This ...
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Is cross-posting allowed?

Does QuantumComputing.SE allow cross-posting of questions on multiple Stack Exchange sites? The default Stack Exchange policy is that cross-posting is not allowed, as a general rule. However, ...
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Is this question insufficient after edit?

So I asked the question "Can one construct a non-zero (conditional) probability in this situation?", which was downvoted and voted to close without the last edits (so I deleted it - The original tag ...
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Asking opinion based questions

I understand opinion based questions are discouraged on the main site. Is it ok to ask them here?
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Asking questions about not yet built aspects of quantum computing

I have a series of questions I have been considering asking. My dilemma is that I want to make sure they are on topic. It's also physiological: I feel like I should be posting in sci-fi. I am giving ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Follow-up Questions

Background I was looking at a question posted by agaitaarino. He posted a comment in regards to his follow-up question being a duplicate. As this isn't the first follow-up question I have seen on ...
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6 votes
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Being open to those who are from a different discipline

This more of a personal essay than a discussion, but I am happy to reply to any comments you may have. My main personal interests are with CS myself, but I am always open for other ideas as long as I ...
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Are questions about Q# and other quantum programming languages on topic?

Q# is Microsoft's programming language for working with quantum computers. Are questions that deal with the language itself (e.g. How do I initilaize a Qubit to a given value in Q#) that don't deal ...
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