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7 votes
0 answers

Site name not visible (transparent) in chat room

Could the dev team please improve the contrast here? The site name seems to be transparent and of the same color as the background in the region enclosed in red (in the snapshot below).
8 votes
0 answers

Vive la Quantum (chat sessions)!

After the discussion about times for a biweekly chat session, there is now an addition to the Classical Channel's schedule: Starting next Tuesday ($5^{th}$ June), there will be a biweekly chat session ...
6 votes
3 answers

Biweekly chat sessions: Timings

Having discussed with @Mithrandir24601 and @agaitaarino, I would like to set up a regular chat session in The Classical Channel, which would be held every alternate week for around 1 hour. Once it is ...
15 votes
8 answers

What should we call our chat room?

We, like all other sites, have a chat room. However, currently it has the rather boring name of "Quantum Computing". Most other sites have a room with a more intresting name: The Nineteenth Byte for ...