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How long does it typically take for the community to vote on whether to reopen a question or not?

How long does it take typically for the community to vote to reopen (or not) a question? I am new to this website. I asked a question which was criticized for not having been worded properly. To me ...
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2 votes
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When should a question that's been closed for being off-topic, be locked?

This question was closed for being off-topic, but it was also locked: Prerequisites for a career in spintronics based Quantum Computing I find this unusual because questions on this site (and on the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

For how many hours (if any!) should we allow a user to respond to comments, before closing their question?

This question came up in the review queue, and I was a bit surprised since the question was asked only 17 hours ago, which might not have been enough time for the user to respond to the comment asking ...
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Closed with reference to 404

This question How to generate the following $n$-level $n$-particle singlet state? was closed with reference to another
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