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2 answers

We are in public beta!

We have made it to public beta! First of all: Congratulations to everyone involved in the building and development of this site. Now, as we are in public beta, there are some new challenges to solve, ...
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Congratulations Quantum Computing - You are now three years old!

Three. Three years old we are today. And now we are two years old. 🎉 Today is an important event of this site. Some of us were reminded of it by a special badge that they earned for the first time ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What are the SE-user-recruiting policies?

I've been making intense efforts to bring in some colleagues, which is all good (I hope) and fun, but ultimately limited, since each of us non-superstars only has a limited number of contacts. Thus I ...
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Being open to those who are from a different discipline

This more of a personal essay than a discussion, but I am happy to reply to any comments you may have. My main personal interests are with CS myself, but I am always open for other ideas as long as I ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What goals do we have as a community (if any)?

I'd like to get feedback from the community, about what people think our goals are, or what goals our users would like this community to have? There's no wrong answers here, and an answer such as &...
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1 answer

How long does it typically take for the community to vote on whether to reopen a question or not?

How long does it take typically for the community to vote to reopen (or not) a question? I am new to this website. I asked a question which was criticized for not having been worded properly. To me ...
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Let's get some feedback

tl;dr: I propose that we encourage users to give feedback to this site's culture (main, meta, voting, moderation). Read more for the details It is amazing to look at what we (the community) have done ...
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Can we get a username badge for experts?

Moderators have a blue diamond next to their user names. Can we get like an orange square to match the logo for users that are experts in the field such as those from academia or industry? It would ...
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