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Custom link on the mathjax help page

On the editing help page there is a MathJax-dedicated section, which includes a "Learn more" link. We've recently been reminded that this link, whose default and current target is https://...
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Please add ChemJax

Currently, the only sites with the mhchem extension to MathJax are Chemistry.SE, Biology.SE, EarthScienes.SE, MatterModeling.SE. I would have liked to use ChemJax ...
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Do we want a package for drawing quantum circuits enabled?

In the comments to the question How to draw quantum circuits?, there's a comment saying: "Maybe we could request the devs to add a LaTeX package to draw quantum circuits" I've just discovered that ...
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Should we encourage or discourage TeX in titles (or neither)?

While it is nice that we have MathJax to render $\TeX$ and $\LaTeX$ in our questions and answers, it may not be a good idea to use this in the title, for the reasons I have noted on CS.SE meta: If a ...
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Incorrect MathJax rendering in suggested edits

The edit suggestion I've made renders completely fine on the actual page: However, in the edit suggestion both versions of the post are broken:
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Tutorial: How to use TeX/MathJax to render math notation?

$\mathrm{\TeX}$ is a markup language that allows us to insert content like equations and tables. MathJax is the add-in that StackExchange uses to render $\mathrm{\TeX}$ markup into $\mathrm{\TeX}$ ...
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Math notation - Can we please have it enabled?

Thrilled to see this site start. Could we please have math notation (mathjax) enabled? Quantum gates, states and many other things are represented by matrices and vectors. So we'll need it.
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