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Of pure programming questions, migration paths, and custom close reasons

While we're on a roll lately discussing programming questions and what should or shouldn't be asked on this site, I figured we might as well go all the way and take a more definite decision about ...
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Proposal for an updated `programming` tag excerpt

The issue of the on-topicness of "pure programming questions" was brought up again recently. One proposal to address this was to have the programming tag excerpt better reflect the kinds of ...
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Would it make sense for there to be a separate SE site for "quantum programming" or "quantum information software", versus quantum information theory?

Let me just start by saying that I don't have any strong opinion on this, and won't be voting yes or no to any proposal in this direction. I am just interested to see what the community thinks, and I'...
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When and why should we close a question for being more appropriate on Stack Overflow?

While I do miss the early days when this site was more about "academic" quantum computing questions, and not so much of a Qiskit/Cirq forum for people doing programming or trying to use some ...
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Add stackoverflow to the "belongs on another site in the SE network" closing option

With the increasing popularity of tools and python packages for implementing and play with QC, more and more questions are getting closer to the edge of being general coding questions. Many of these ...
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