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Tag cleanup 2023

I recently proposed (Do we need tags for highly specific elementary mathematical topics?) we cut down on the number of tags on highly specific mathematical topics. However, I've thought for some time ...
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The tags [simulations] and [quantum-simulations] - should they be merged?

quantum-simulation has only one question and no description, but the question would fit with simulation which has a description and many questions. Should quantum-simulation be marked a synonym of ...
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Should we synonymise [quantum-advantage] and [speedup]?

As per the title: should we merge/synonymise quantum-advantage and speedup? I suppose the terms are used in slightly different contexts, with quantum advantage/supremacy referring to the quest of ...
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Should we have an [off-topic] Tag - for after we've decided upon Migration/Deletion/etc.?

On meta.SE they have this Tag: off-topic This tag is for questions regarding off topic questions, including whether a question is on topic and what to do with off topic questions. Wouldn't that be ...
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