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How long does it typically take for the community to vote on whether to reopen a question or not?

How long does it take typically for the community to vote to reopen (or not) a question? I am new to this website. I asked a question which was criticized for not having been worded properly. To me ...
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Why has activity been dropping in almost every category, since the beginning of February 2021?

Whether its # of questions, # of answers, # of posts, # of upvotes, # of total votes, # of visits, or # of page views (and maybe other things too, but I removed them since they were affecting the ...
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Does anyone have any theories about why voting went up so much recently?

Number of posts has gone down, and number of visits has gone down, yet number of votes has gone up drastically: Why might this be the case?
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Please start voting and reviewing more often!

In the current quarter (1st April 2019 to today), according to the Users page, the voting statistics is like this (this excludes those who've cast 10 votes or less): In this same duration (excluding ...
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