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  • Current Focus: Fullstack and Quantum
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    • 2024 Juneteenth: Moderately active

Hullo! I am Samaria Mulligan, a computer scientist and quantum physicist of the northern woods.

I am an Administrator on Hiatus in Candy Crush Saga Wiki, since 2017.

Cảndy Crưsher! Extract Eẋtract Eẍtract! ᛜᛁᛖᛜ ᛜᚢᛟ́″ᚲ ᛜᛁᛖᛜ ᚦᚨ̀ᚾᚺ ☢☢☢☢☢

My email is [email protected].

  • Update: AUG 01 2019: I am currently working on databases for varied purposes, such as tracking Grammy winners and isotope data.

  • Update: SEP 04 2019: I am now employed provincially, effectively declaring my CCS project complete.

  • Update: AUG 24 2020: Finished my provincial internship.

  • Update: NOV 25 2020: Unfortunately (for 2 years), I have faced a critical family situation, forcing me to step away from StackOverflow and Candy Crush in the most part. It is unknown when I will go to full force.

  • Update: JUL 04 2022: Catastrophic outcome and bereavement.

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