Gabriel Romon

Interested in theoretical aspects of Statistics and Machine Learning. First-year PhD student at CREST - ENSAE.

Studied at ENSAE Paris and ENS Paris-Saclay, got a master's degree from the latter (MVA).

A few recent good answers of mine:

$\forall h,g$, $\mathbb{E}(h(X)g(Y)) = \mathbb{E}(h(X)g(X))\implies X=Y$ a.s.
Convergence in distribution of $(X_1 X_2+X_2 X_3+\ldots+X_n X_{n+1})/\sqrt n$
Computation of $E(U\mid \min(U,1−U))$ where $U∼U[0,1]$
$E(X|X>x)$ is non-decreasing in $x$
Coincidence of characteristic functions along a sequence that goes to $0$