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Of pure programming questions, migration paths, and custom close reasons

While we're on a roll lately discussing programming questions and what should or shouldn't be asked on this site, I figured we might as well go all the way and take a more definite decision about ...
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A thought about our close voting practices

Every time I look at the close vote queue, I find myself surprised that there's so many questions there, and a lot of them appear to be of excellent quality or already with an excellent quality answer,...
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6 votes
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Should we add a "not enough research effort" close reason?

In Homework questions, and what to do about them we discussed whether it would be a good idea to have an additional vote-to-close reason. The consensus/majority seemed to be that it would be a good ...
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Off-topic reasons for Quantum Computing

I suppose we should think about the off-topic reasons for this page. As @Mithrandir24601 suggested I removed my proposals from this question and added them as an community answer. Feel free to edit ...
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